CCK08: Mini-workshop materials


Ailsa’s Wordle representation of her blog posts is so cool that I decided to try one myself.

Yesterday, I conducted a mini-workshop on Connectivism for my colleagues at Open School BC.Here are the  Powerpoint slides and a handout that I used for the session:



I found Stephen Downes’ “Are the Basics of Instructional Design Changing?“, as well as George Siemens’ “Learning Ecology, Communities, and Networks: Extending the Classroom” and “Learning Development Cycle: Bridging Learning Design and Modern Knowledge Needs” especially useful resources for situating Connectivism in terms of ID.

Although the handout indicates “Is Connectivism a Learning Theory” as one of the guiding questions for the workshop, in fact I did not dwell on this item at all. I only had two hours, and felt that my time was better concentrated on speaking to the Connectivist framework in terms of its most compelling and convincing qualities, of which there are many! I think that two hours was enough to do justice to Connectivism’s grosser characteristics, and I think that the presentation was well received.



3 Responses to “CCK08: Mini-workshop materials”

  1. suifaijohnmak Says:

    Hi Adrian, I enjoy your presentation – and you have summarised the concepts on Connectivism in a vivid manner.

    I have linked your workshop presentation and notes in our ConnectivismEducationLearning as a valuable resource.

    How were the reactions of your colleagues towards such “learning theory”?

  2. Rita Kop Says:

    Hi Adrian

    It seems as if you haven’t used your blog for a while. I thought it might be an option to contact you as it seems that I have left your email address behind at Swansea University. I have moved to Moncton in New Brunswick where I am working with Stephen Downes on the development and research of Personal Learning Environments for the National Research council of Canada. I was wondering what you are up to and if PLEs fit in with your work at the moment, Best wishes, Rita

    • adrianhill Says:

      Hi Rita,

      I’m glad to hear that your work is progressing, and that you have made the move to Canadian soil. I am still doing course development work, and have also been contracting as an editor and maintaining a recreational blog about graphic novels, a passion of mine: I have done no work on PLEs.

      All the best on your project!


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