2 Responses to “connectivist-comix4”

  1. Bradley Shoebottom Says:

    Adrian. Great presentation. I lied the comix approach. I had wanted to include more graphics in my presentation ( to convey ideas more by pix than by words. My hat of to you.
    I hadn’t heard of some of the books you read on the side. I think they might be more interesting than “On Intelligence” that I read when I should have been figuring out RSS too.
    If I ever need a comix created for a user scenario for my info architecture job, I give you a ring.

  2. jennymackness Says:

    Hi Adrian. I have really enjoyed reading your presentation and enjoying it visually. I’m interested that you raise the dilemma of the balance between online/offline activities. The emphasis in the course was obviously on online connections, but I wonder if there might be a swing against this, or at least an attempt to keep online/offline activities more in balance in the future.

    Thanks for sharing your great presentation.


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