CCK08: Final Assignment: Connectivist Comix

Well, this assignment took far longer than you might imagine, which is why it is not as in-depth as it might have been. But I had a lot of fun working on it, and I think I am leaving CCK08 on a positive note. Thank you all for a wonderful course. I have learned even more than I can possibly realize, I’m sure…connectivist-comix4



4 Responses to “CCK08: Final Assignment: Connectivist Comix”

  1. jennymackness Says:

    Hi Adrian – I have been meaning to post here and say how great I think your final presentation is. Sorry – it’s taken so long. Non online connections overtook me and now time has overtaken me.

    But just to wish you a



  2. suifaijohnmak Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    This is a fantastic presentation, and I greatly enjoyed it, filled with wonderful expressions and emotions. A lively connection that leaves me with fresh ideas and inspiration.
    Happy New Year 2009.
    John Ma

  3. suifaijohnmak Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    Are you interested in further exploration and research in Connectivism and technology?

    May I invite you to join ?

  4. jiveamegmet Says:

    Cool issue, did not thought reading it was going to be so interesting when I read the link.

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