CCK08: Reflections on Week 1

It’s been an interesting week. After experimenting with both Blogger and WordPress, I have committed to maintaining a blog in WordPress. As is so often the case, knowing where to look to figure out how to use new programs is half the battle.

I also took a look at FreeMind, a concept-mapping tool, and it took very little time before it became clear how extremely powerful C-map is for its simplicity in comparison.

I concentrated on reading through posts in two forums, “What is connectivism” and “What is a Learning Theory?” Even the 136 (!) posts in the former included too much information to adequately take in, and I had to resort to skimming, scanning and speed-reading to plow through the threads.

Keyword searches in specific fora will be useful to find information related to any reformulations, extensions and additions that I might make to that material. I know already that a big part of my own focus for this course will be on exploring the concept of autopoeisis in relation to connectivism. I was glad to see that Stephen and others have outlined some considerations about evolution in the context of connectivism and learning theory.

Although providing weekly reflections for the course may allow participants to make sense of their relationship and engagement with others involved in this process, my own feeling is that I would probably find much greater benefit in taking more time before reflecting. I don’t even feel as though I have enough time to respond to posts in the fora or on participants’ personal blogs, because not only do I feel that I don’t have enough time to think about the posts, but I don’t even have enough time to read and re-read them! Obviously picking and choosing becomes very important at this stage. However, as has been expressed by others, even the exercise of filtering information becomes difficult when such a broad range of base understandings related to different aspects of the course are being brought to the conversation(s).



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