CCKO8: Speaking of MOOCs…

On the subject of Massive, Open Online Courses (MOOCs), I saw reference in the paper lately to Oprah Winfrey’s online course about Eckart Tolle’s new book, A New Earth. I haven’t read this one, nor have I read his first book, but I think that it is worth bringing attention to this course since it is arguably the largest MOOC in existence at this time, with 500 000 students enrolling to listen to Tolle’s videocast concerning the first chapter.

It would appear that at this time the course consists of videocasts, an accompanying downloadable workbook, and links under construction for readers to participate in discussion forums of some sort.

I am neither espousing nor disparaging the course, only bringing it to others’ attention as one example of what the MOOC might look like.



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